Curated Photo Sets

v i s u a l i z i n g   i m m i g r a n t   P h o e n i x

Not quite full-fledged photo essays, we invite you to peruse these informal photo sets curated from photos taken by the research team. These curated sets can also be found with the Project Porfolio themes.

José Grijalva's curated photo set takes us through the swap-meet style shops at the Mercado de los Cielos, a Mexican makeover of a defunct anchor store at the Desert Sky Mall. The erstwhile lobby is set up like a Mexican town square, with park bench seating around a large raised stage for weekend performances of ballet folklorico. The Mexican traditional dances bring a colorful bordertown show to the heart of Phoenix.

Sanhareb Nano

March 2018


This curated series of exceptionally colorful tire shops, or llanteras, shows the growing presence of shared Mexican culture across metro Phoenix. The clientele is largely of Mexican or Latino descent, often from a family of first or second-generation immigrants.

Ranch Market

The team visited this supermercado catering to Latino tastes during Hispanic Heritage Month. Maryvale location.


Latino Roots in Target

Chrystin Sanchez curates this photo set to capture a unique Target that offers a wide selection of Latino foods, health products and entertainment items. It is located in an area heavily populated by Latinos and immigrants, on 75th Avenue and Virginia.

Maryvale murals

Show Immigrant Connections to Phoenix

Christen Garden curates a photo set of murals decorating the block walls of Maryvale neighborhoods, interpreting the community's heritage, cultural pride, and rightful inclusion within our city & nation.

Immigrant Grocery Stores

Cynthia Canez. Food is culture, and an important way immigrants keep their cultural connections vital. International groceries cater to migrant kitchens across metro Phoenix, in this curated photo set.

the codfather

Patrick Ingham curates photos of British culture on offer at The Codfather. Although the British immigrant diaspora in Phoenix may pale in comparison to Latinos, The Codfather still leaves its own imprint upon the cityscape.

Taco Trucks

Coming soon