Hussein Mohamed

v i s u a l i z i n g   i m m i g r a n t   P h o e n i x


I am an interdisciplinary artist trained in multiple mediums with a concentration in videography, filmmaking, and digital media. My work focuses on intercultural relations, domestically and internationally. As a Somalian refugee, born in Kenya and raised in Arizona, I am personally connected with issues of immigration, social justice, and community education. My video skills will complement Visualizing Immigrant Phoenix by documenting interviews with willing candidates to produce intellectual dialogues that narrate the passion of Phoenix immigrants, and educate the larger community. My hope is that this opportunity assists my career goals of becoming a documentary filmmaker and future social anthropologist.

Pakistani Cricket in Phoenix

Hussein Mohamed 2018

Abridged video created for Displacements, a virtual conference sponsored by the Society for Cultural Anthropology & the Society for Visual Anthropology. April 19-21, 2018. (4:22) (MORE videos)

In the Phoenix metropolitan area, there is an underworld subculture of a sport that is hugely overlooked: cricket. Though it is the second most viewed sport in the world, here in United States many people have never heard of it. This video project is a 5-minute documentary that puts into perspective the subculture of cricket, the immigrant base that makes-up the sport in Phoenix, and the challenges they face from the city’s Parks and Recreation facilities management, and various elementary school fields where they play.

Playing Cricket in Phx

This 10-minute video documentary takes us into the underworld subculture of a sport that is hugely overlooked in sports-conscious Phoenix metro: cricket. A bit like baseball, cricket is a bat and ball sport in which two teams of 11 players take turns batting, fielding and scoring runs. Phoenix houses 18 cricket teams whose players are immigrants (and their descendants) from British-influenced countries like Sri-Lanka, Jamaica, Pakistan, India, South Africa, and Bangladesh.

Gustavo Angeles, Spanish Guitar

Mexican immigrant Gustavo Angeles threw himself into the local Phoenix music scene when he arrived here in 1994. Watch him play his unique blend of classic rock, Mexican, and Spanish guitar, and speak about his music in this short film by Hussein.