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Catch our next exhibition!!

Weds Nov 8, 2017 6:00-8:30 pm

Glendale Community College

Student Union 104 DE

Glendale AZ

Telemundo reports on our DACA projects 9-6-17

INTERVIEW: Argenis Hurtado Moreno spoke to Spanish-language TV Telemundo about DACA recipients and the impact of president Trump's change in the federal immigration policies.

Su tesis está basada en DACA. Julio Cisneros nos tiene los detalles.

6 de septiembre de 2017


PARKING DAY, Downtown PHX 9-15-17

Argenis and Dr K presented a DACA Park at the national annual Parking Day event in downtown Phoenix. 


CW6 TV reporter Adam Waltz captured the event, including some clips of Argenis speaking about DACA Park,  in "Skip the Meter, Stay a While: Park(ing) Day helps us rethink public space"  9-15-17


Publications, commentaries, other projects

Visualizing Immigrant Youth in Phoenix

Kristin Koptiuch

Invited blog piece for Youth Circulations: Tracing the real and imagined circulations of global youth. July 8, 2017



We created a panel of short digital media projects presented at Displacements, the first-ever biennial virtual conference sponsored by the Society for Cultural Anthropology & the Society for Visual Anthropology. April 19-21.