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    Gevargez Sarishamshajian (Tuesday, 19 March 2019 02:37)

    Hello. How are you?I am an Assyrian American citizen .I am in Iran now & I would like to return to US. But because of sanctions that US has imposed on Iran it has impacted so many ordinary lives!In a way I am stuck in here!I have some saving here but I can't convrt it to USD because it is way too expensive! One usd is 13,200 toman.what I am hoping for is to travel to Armenia & try to come to Arizona from there.what I would need help with is Acomodation.I am willing to pay for a room for rent up to $400.please help me if you can!I will be in Iran for another 30 days then I will go to Armenia & will wait for an Email from you. Thank you & God bless you all!!!!!!my phone #.00989145628115 email address

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    Arin Farhadian (Friday, 07 December 2018 18:01)

    Hello to dear Assyrian people in Arizona,

    I have some questions about Assyrian community there ,
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    we are a family based jewelry design and manufacturing business located in LA , we are working on Assyrian cultural jewelry and art ,
    we have been made many Assyrian culture related popular jewelry arts , and had many jewelry show events in California where Assyrians located.

    due to some requested from Arizona state , we decided to come to Arizona and bring our collections there ,
    I would really appreciate you if you help me getting some information about Assyrians in Arizona , or at least refer me to someone living there that can provide me this kind of information.

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    Best Regards
    Farhadian Gold

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    Ana Jimenez (Wednesday, 27 June 2018 04:01)

    Apenas veo este articulo del 3rd Festival Colombiano, muchas gracias por haber sistido, me sorprendio bastante, muy lindo. quiero extenderles la invitacion a la celebracion de la Independencia Colombiana en Arizona
    mas inf 602-828-9547

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    Abel Atwater (Wednesday, 28 March 2018 12:28)

    May name is Abel Atwater, and I work for a translation agency called inWhatLanguage, located in Salt Lake City. I am in urgent need of a translator who can translate from English to Assyrian Neo-Aramaic. As you know, this is a very hard skill to find. As I was searching the internet, your information came up, and I think, with your background, you may be able to help me.

    Do you know of anyone who could help me out with this request?

    Thank you so much for taking time to assist.

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    Tess Neal (Thursday, 04 May 2017 16:50)

    This is a beautifully done website, Prof Koptiuch and team. What an inspiring project, stunning photos, immersive experience for those of us seeing what you've done (your in-person presentation at NCUIRE was fabulous). Thanks for spending the time to put together a beautiful and important portfolio.

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    eileen brennan (Monday, 17 October 2016 11:05)

    Some really nice articles about immigration in Phoenix. The Hindu Temple article is very inspiring. Such a beautiful religion and helps us all keep calm if we take note of it. Even if we are not Hindu we can learn a lot from stepping inside one of those very ornate temples. I have been to ones in India and Sri Lanka. They are all extremely ornate architecturally from the outside. What is amazing about this Temple in Phoenix is that the outside is so simple and camouflaged. What a surprise it must be to step into the sanctuary inside. I am sure for many immigrants it is a beautiful place to contemplate/meditate and perhaps appreciate their lives in the USA. Well done on a lovely project at the University.

    [Thanks! We had the wrong setup for the comment section so had to reprint it here for you, Eileen]