Chrystin Sanchez

v i s u a l i z i n g   i m m i g r a n t   P h o e n i x


Hi! My name is Chrystin and I am a senior at ASU west. I major in history, I am specifically interested in ancient Greek and Roman politics. I also have a strong interest in cultural anthropology. My grandmother was born in Durango, Mexico but eventually she moved to Juarez, which is where my mother was born. My grandmother and her brother eventually set roots of steel in Phoenix in the late 90’s. Although most of my family still lives in Juarez, some of my younger family members have decided to make Arizona their home. I am a first generation Mexican-American. I learned English and Spanish at the same so I am very fluent Spanglish speaker. Although I have no solid career plans, I hope to go to graduate school next year.


In Progress

The Saint Shrine Security System

Saint shrines draw on immigrant cultural traditions to protect home and family.

Latino Roots in Target

Chrystin Sanchez curates this photo set to capture a unique Target that offers a wide selection of Latino foods, health products and entertainment items. It is located in an area heavily populated by Latinos and immigrants, on 75th Avenue and Virginia.