Patrick Ingham

v i s u a l i z i n g   i m m i g r a n t   P h o e n i x


Hi, my name is Patrick. I'm a current senior at Arizona State University finishing up my final semester. Sociocultural Anthropology and History are my two specialties. I am American Irish. My mother and most of my family were born in Dublin, Ireland so I claim dual citizenship. I am multilingual, thus can speak English, English, and more English. Knowledge is infinite and is a more useful currency than the US Dollar because it changes one’s personal qualities for the better. Life is a continuous stream of events that I wish to learn, cherish, and use to better the lives of those around me. and myself.

Shirdi Saibaba Hindu Temple

The fruits of many immigrant traditions enrich the Phoenix metropolitan landscape, and Shirdi Saibaba Temple adds some well-needed enlightened sweetness.

El Bravo

The Brave Bull

This family-owned traditional Mexican restaurant

helped shape the ever-burgeoning Mexican restaurant business in metro Phoenix, and lined the stomachs of its innumerable customers with culinary joy and an extra dose of... aribaaaaaaaaaaaa!

The crescent moon

Islamic Center of North Phoenix

One of several that bask in the hot desert rays of Phoenix, this mosque was founded in 2010 by the Bosnian community, most of whom resettled in Phoenix in the 1990s as refugees from the political, ethnic, and religious conflict that tore apart former Yugoslavia.

the codfather

Although the British immigrant diaspora in Phoenix may pale in comparison to Latinos, The Codfather still leaves its own imprint upon the cityscape.