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Show Immigrant Connections to Phoenix

Christen Garden

October 2016

A curated photo set of murals decorating the block walls of Maryvale neighborhoods, interpreting the community's heritage, cultural pride, and rightful inclusion within our city & nation.

Cynthia Canez

April 2017


As downtown Chandler undergoes redevelopment and gentrification, homes and businesses catering to and making visible the city's immigrant communities begin to disappear from the cityscape.

... a 24-hour taqueria on every corner...


Kristin Koptiuch

March 2017


The changing urban landscape shows  migrants have been busily transforming our collective urban environment in Phoenix.

By Nina Rocket and Sanhareb Nano, May 2018

Visit a local migrant-run , multi-tasker restaurant and Xochipala-style bakery from the state of Guererro, Mexico. It also offers income tax help and other services to the Mexican immigrant community. Vibrant murals enliven the cityscape and educate viewers about crossborder events and culture.