Crystal Cespedes

v i s u a l i z i n g   i m m i g r a n t   P h o e n i x


A Psychology BS major and senior with interest in clinical psychology, my name is Crystal and this is my final year at ASU West Campus. Living in a multiracial household with a younger brother who is African American and an older brother and sister who are White my unique exposure to different races has always been a benefited in my life. I’m a transplant to the Valley of the Sun. I was original born and raised in Orange County surrounded by large populations of Vietnamese, Korean and Chinese. I moved to San Antonio, Texas where I was surrounded by a huge Hispanic population for the next 7 years. I then moved to Phoenix, Arizona and like a tumble weed I rolled through Las Vegas, Nevada, Lake Havasu City, Arizona and then Moreno Valley, California making my way back to Phoenix, Arizona. Working on this NCUIRE project has given me an opportunity to show case the benefits different cultures bring to Phoenix’s population in peoples everyday lives.


In Progress

Somali businesses on E McDowell Rd

front yard interview with Juan

Juan Martinez' story conveys pride, strength and even a bit of the blues, like the many well written arrangements in Mexican ballads he enjoys.

Sambusa at the safari Bakery & cafe

Somali businesswoman Barlin Mohamud offers culinary treats at her cafe popular with Somali customers.

Buddhas & Jackfruit

Asian Markets

Shopping at LF Market and Lam’s Market helps to foster the connection between migrant owned businesses and the established population.

The Assyrian Student Association of Arizona

This student group aims to unite the Assyrian community through culture and education. Meet Iraqi Assyrian Susanna, President of the ASA, offering a folk dance workshop at ASU West.