Kristin Koptiuch

v i s u a l i z i n g   i m m i g r a n t   P h o e n i x

Visualizing Immigrant Displacements in Phoenix

Kristin Koptiuch 2018

Video created for Displacements, a virtual conference sponsored by the Society for Cultural Anthropology & the Society for Visual Anthropology. April 19-21, 2018. (4:29) (MORE videos)

Flying below the radar of planners and public acknowledgement, migrants are busily remaking Phoenix. Globally displaced, 20% of Phoenix is foreign born. Migrants revive stagnant neighborhood economies, bring magical-realist redesign, and add colorful flair to the cityscape’s subdued design palette. Migrant planners-from-below transnationalize Phoenix urbanism with local versions of global religions, cuisines, cultures. Visualizing Immigrant Phoenix, a research collaborative at Arizona State U., explores migrant displacements thru vibrant visualization of immigrants’ urban imprint, embracing their transformative, creative, subversive power.

Cruzando Fronteras/ Crossing Phoenix

Published online in Urban Vignettes 2012

These days, the signs are abundantly clear to anyone willing to read them: the border has already crossed Phoenix.


Now and formerly

... a 24-hour taqueria on every corner...


The changing urban landscape shows  migrants have been busily transforming our collective urban environment in Phoenix.

Taquerias Conversas

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Ranch Market

The team visited this supermercado catering to Latino tastes during Hispanic Heritage Month. Maryvale location.