Ranch Market

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Arizona's first Pro's Ranch Market opened in 2002 in South Phoenix at Central and Southern. Wow, this brought an entirely new type of supermarket to metro Phoenix! Jaunty Ranchero music and exuberant Latino décor envelop the shopper's first step over the threshold of this market, which proudly caters to the cultural, linguistic, and culinary tastes of Mexican and other Latin American immigrants, whose numbers had increased markedly during the 1990s. Of course everyone is welcome to shop there, but this mercado model of supermarket was the area's first large chain to acknowledge the distinctive tastes and growing market of Phoenix's Mexican diaspora.

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Around a centerpiece of dazzling towers of colorful produce at peak ripeness, the market includes a full-scale tortilleria, fresh juice bars, delectable pastries baked in-store, barrel-roasted chiles, a taqueria/cafeteria serving Mexican delicacies, and huge meat and seafood departments with cuts and varieties preferred by its customers. Mariachis even serenade the customers on special occasions, such as Hispanic Heritage month, which is when our research team stopped by for lunch.

Ranch Market, a company owned by savvy Italian American brothers, had already been operating its successful brand in Southern California for 20 years before they opened in Phoenix. In 2014 a joint venture of two other CA family dynasty grocery chains (Cardenas Market and Northgate Gonzalez Market) acquired the Ranch Markets and continue its appeal to a predominantly Latino clientele. There are now seven Ranch Markets across Phoenix metro.